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Welcome to Vitrality’s online store. We specialise in quality electrical products that improve your quality of life and health. Our range currently includes Air Purifiers, Dehumidifiers, Fans and our most recent product the Bladeless Hypersonic Hairdryer

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Bladeless Hypersonic Hairdryer

Small Room Dehumidifier

Why Choose Vitrality?

Formerly Air Purifiers Australia, we have recently changed our name but our mission stays the same: to help consumers and businesses in Australia take control of their health. To achive that we manufacture a range of fully tested and high-quality products that do just that! Our first products were air purifiers that can be used in a wide variety of spaces such as: car, desktop, small offices, large offices, classroom, pubs, bars and gyms.

We have expanded our rnage now to include dehumidifiers, multi function units and now our beauty products starting with the Bladeless Hypersonic Hairdryer.

By purchasing a product from Vitrality you will be guaranteeing health benefits for yourself, your family, friends, colleagues and customers.

Why do you need clean air?

4 Reasons that you should consider purchasing an Air Purifier

Top health reasons you need an Air Purifier.

How to choose the right Air Purifier for me?

Choose the right Air Purifier for your needs.

Why do you need clean air?

Reduce Allergies

Reduce Dust

Reduce Asthma

Prevent Mould

Reduce Odours

Improve Quality of Life

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