During May Buy an AF10 Large Room Air Purifier & Receive a PD-02 FREE!

We know from talking to a variety of customers recently that buying an Air Purifier is something that they had not considered needing prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. And, although we agree that this is a big reason for purchasing an Air Purifier, there are many other benefits to having an air purifier for improving are quality that you may not have considered. Here are our 4 main reasons that we feel you should consider an Air Purifier for your home, office or business: 


  1. COVID-19 – it is the major reason at the moment, so we have put it at the top of our list where it needs to be. Airborne viruses such as COVID-19 can stay in the air for up to three hours. Therefore, having an air purification unit that is constantly working in the background to keep your air clean and virus free can keep you safe.  


  1. Asthma – probably one of the most common airborne medical conditions, asthma sufferers can benefit immensely by having fresh filtered air free of pollutants, pollens and other harmful allergens. This can be achieved easily and effectively by choosing an air purifier to control the quality of air wherever you are. 

  2. Airborne Allergies – the number of people suffering from allergies is increasing year on year due to many factors out of our control. However, you can take control of your allergies by keeping the air around you clean and filtered. This means that whether you are allergic to flowers, fragrances, pets etc you can enjoy the benefits without the often-debilitating side effects that can occur from these and other allergy causing agents that our found in our air. 

  3. Regulations – as if the above is not enough, there are now also regulations being introduced for schools and business that are making air quality whilst at work or study the responsibility of management. Failure of businesses and organisations not to provide clean, filtered and virus free air for their employees or students could put them at risk of work cover claims or other legal claims should someone contract an illness such as COVID-19 whilst at work or under the care of the school. 


These are just some of the many reasons we know that Air Purifiers are of benefit on many levels and will be way beyond the current pandemic. Therefore, we urge you to ‘Take Control of Your Air’ and contact us today to discuss your specific needs. 

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