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The air we breathe in has never been so polluted and the ever-increasing air pollution levels have led to growing health concerns globally. While air quality continues to deteriorate, there is a solution to support our personal health needs – invest in products that generate clean air and make the environment around us safer.

That’s particularly true for car owners who drive in rural areas, in the city, sit in traffic for long hours, and at times, spill food on their car floors and seats. All of these factors deteriorate the quality of air in your car’s interior and can lead to potential health issues.

We all want to drive a clean car that is free of any germs and dirt, but it isn’t practically possible unless you take the steps to create a healthy environment. You’d be surprised to know that your car’s interior is home to over 100 chemicals, continuously posing a threat to your health. That’s shocking, right?

Before we recommend the solution, let’s first try to understand what’s causing all that pollution in your vehicle.

Potential Sources Of Air Pollution In Your Car

The air circulating in your car’s cabin can be contaminated by pollutants coming from three different sources. These include the traffic emissions in the outside air, the chemicals and materials used in your car’s interior, and any kind of spillage from passengers. Below we have explained how each of these factors is responsible for deteriorating the air quality within your car.

Traffic Emissions In The Outside Air

As you head out on the road, the outside air enters your car through air vents and open windows. This air carries dangerous emissions from other vehicles and contains noxious pollutants like volatile organic compounds (VOCs), particulate matter, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides. As you breathe in this polluted air, you are at potential risk of heart disease and respiratory issues.

Materials Used In Your Car’s Interior

Your car’s interior is assembled from different types of materials – in fact, hundreds of them. These include plastics, fibers, paints, lubricants, and adhesives. As the car ages, many of these materials emit VOCs that include irritant chemicals and carcinogens like formaldehyde and benzene.

Even though this off-gassing process is more noticeable in new vehicles producing that “new car smell,” it persists for a few years. You can easily notice it on those hot days when the vehicle has been sitting in the sun.

Other air pollutants in your car’s interior could be the petrol fumes entering the cabin while refuelling or the moisture from leaks that could lead to even bigger problems.

Spillage From The Passengers

Car passengers can also contribute to the deterioration of the air quality in your car’s interior. For example, there can be spillage of various household products containing chemicals, scented personal care items and air fresheners releasing VOCs, and food waste and routine clutter gathering dust and harbouring bacteria, mold, and pests. Even our breath can lead to air pollution in a closed vehicle due to carbon dioxide buildup.

Similarly, the smoke from an e-cigarette can have hundreds of different chemicals that can lead to health problems or could worsen an existing respiratory condition.

How To Improve The Air Quality In Your Vehicle?

While you can reduce exposure to heavy traffic and undertake regular cleaning of your car cabin to keep the chemicals and other pollutants at bay, a reliable in-car air purifier will significantly improve the air quality in your vehicle. Want a recommendation? We have the perfect solution for you!

AC-01 Portable Air Purifier From Air Purifiers Australia

The AC-01 air purifier is the smallest and most portable air purifier from Air Purifiers Australia – a trusted provider of high-quality air purifiers across Australia. The AC-01 air purifier has been designed specifically as an in-car air purifier, and it can improve the air quality of your car cabin on the go.

It features a medical-grade HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter to improve air quality instantly through a tried and tested 3-stage filtration system.

Here’s what makes AC-01 the best air purifier for your car:

●      H13 HEPA filters efficiently remove 99.95% of airborne viruses

●      Efficiently removes car odours

●      Instantly reduces air pollutants

●      Small and portable

With the AC-01 portable air purifier, you don’t have to risk your health anymore.

Enjoy your ride with the peace of mind that you are breathing safe, clean air. Order now and improve the air quality of your car’s interior and your own health and wellbeing.

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