DH-01 – Vitrality Small Room Dehumidifier


The DH-01 small dehumifier is a compact unit specifically designed to regulate the level of humidity in indoor spaces up to 6m2.
The stylish dehumidifier also benefits from being extremely quiet and includes a power on indicator and a water full indicator. The 1.5L water tank should be emptied approximately every 3 days.

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Product name:Dehumidifier
Model no.:DH-01
Voltage & Frequency:DC12V
Rated Power:65W
Operation Temperature:30 degrees C
Relative Humidity:RH80%
Tank Size:1.5 Litres
Net Weight / Gross Weight:1.98 kg
Product Size:205 x 130 x 340mm


Thermo-electric Peltier module, no heavy compressor and refrigerant
Solid-state device with no moving parts
No noise or vibration
Easy to use - automatically switches off when tank is full
1.5 Litre water tank
In-expensive and compact
Extremely reliable and does not require any maintenance
Easily portable


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